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I design and make portable stone (concrete) Roman Altars, based on one of the altars at Housesteads Roman Fort Museum.

The altars are approximately 30cm high (12 inches) and letters can be hand-carved with an inscription of your choice.

A blank altar is £25 and each hand-carved letter is £2. I can get up to 25 letters max on one face.

They can be made in a natural grey or a sandstone colour.

Extras: altar painted white, letters painted red or gold - contact me for more information.

Please click here to go to an excellent You Tube video featuring one of my Roman altars explaining how to read Latin inscriptions in museums and how to design your own pagan Roman votive altar (thanks to TIMOTHEVS).


Contact me to enquire and order.


ROMAN ALTAR (white/red & gold letters)


ROMAN ALTAR (sandstone/red letters)

ROMAN ALTAR (red letters)

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