your photos

Do you have any 1066 Creations ornaments in your house or garden?

If you have any photos of 1066 Creations ornaments in your
house or garden, why not send them in (via email: low res jpegs only and not
larger than say 300kb per image - we'll reduce them in size in order
to put them online). Here are a few we have been sent so far:

Gilded three hare plaque
Two tall cats at a kennels/cattery near Clun
Dragon ridge tile in Llandudno
Large green man plaque in place and spouting well
in a Somerset garden
green man plaque installed in a London garden
Sinking troll happily sinking in a customer's garden
Large green man plaque used in the walled
garden of a new eco-friendly house in Bishops Castle, Shropshire
Giant Easter Island heads in the woodland gardens of Talhenbont, near Criccieth, West Wales
Moon gazing hare in a Colchester garden
Giant Easter Island head in a London garden
Irish River God over an arch with clematis,
Bishops Castle, Shropshire