Some frequently-asked questions about 1066 Creations products:
  >> What are the ornaments made from ?
  Ornaments are cast in plaster (for indoor use) and
concrete (for outdoor and indoor use).
  >> Are they frost or weather-proof ?
  The concrete items are frost and weather-proof in normal conditions. Plaster items
may, with care, be placed outside in a sheltered and dry spot. For maximum protection, paint the plaster pieces all over with varnish or sealant before
putting outside.
  >> Do you do mail order ?

Many items are now available by mail order.
The giant easter island heads are also now available -
see here for more information. See also shops and fairs pages for information on
where you can buy 1066 ornaments in the UK.

  >> How are they made ?
  I make an original model out of clay, or occasionally wood, then make a rubber
mould and use this for casting. See the preview page.
  >> Do you do one-off designs ?
  Yes ! I can design and make models on a commission basis.
See the one offs and commissions page.
  >> How do I hang the ornaments on my wall ?
  Wall-hanging pieces come with wire loops cast into the back.
Ideally a rawl plug should be used for the screw.
  >> Are the ornaments available in different colours ?

Pieces are generally available in light grey, brown, green (for the green men).

  >> What is the history behind gargoyles and the green man?
  You will find short explanations on the gargoyle and green man
information pages.